Pri*Con Investigations, Inc.
When RESULTS Matter

"We've had such a hard time getting anyone in your market
that we can count on to produce a quality investigative
product. Our past investigators from New York were
penciled into our vendor list. PRI*CON has been chiseled
into it. "

                                                                                                  BK, Kansas ,UUG

"Other firms tell you they're going to deliver, and you end
up disappointed when they don't. This is the first firm that
told me they could actually deliver 90% success rate in
positively identifying claimants' activities and delivered
what they promised "

                                                                                                          JB, NY, GNY

"Their motto, "When Results Matter" says it all."

                                                                                                  DH,NY,NYC Law Dept
90% Success Rate on all Surveillance